Kahaani is into curating stories and impacting life. The project started with an aim to promote the hidden cultures existing in the beautiful corners of the world. It involves the painting of walls and serves rural tourism. Kahaani asks the villagers to narrate their stories and help ink them for the coming generation. It believes in not forgetting our roots and old culture and instead share them with the people through creative wall paintings. 

Art Gallery

Under the project, the villagers share their ‘Kahaani’, i.e. what customs and culture they followed and saw while growing up. Then the member/participants communicate the stories in forms of illustration and wall paintings in the village houses. The design makes the area beautiful and also showcase traditional stories.

Wall art

Curating Stories

Culture preservation

Call to all

‘Kahaani’ welcomes anyone who has a story to be told or heard. Its mission is to preserve all culture and create awareness. Watch out the video to see how with the help of Shalimar paints, Kahaani was able to change the look of a village.

Art has more impact than any written communication. It is understood by all and admired too. ‘Kahaani’ is using creativity to share the untold or forgotten stories about the culture of any community. 

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“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso