How to de-stress yourself during the covid 19 outbreak

Kiran Rawat

How to de-stress yourself during the covid 19 outbreak

As human beings, we have so much going on in our everyday life. Some situations are out of our control and do not go as we want. Stress is the reaction to those events that causes tension or physical, emotional, or psychological strain. Everyone experiences stress to some level. It is even necessary to an extent as it is also the body’s natural defence against danger. Stress is not an issue, but how you respond to it does makes a lot of difference. April was national stress awareness month & we would like to share some ways to de-stress yourself.

The whole world is going through a coronavirus pandemic situation & it is advisable by WHO to self-quarantine ourselves in our homes. Many of our plans are on hold, one or the other person close to us is getting sick & an extreme amount of fear & anxiety has arisen in many of us.

From different articles on a similar topic, we at Evolve have collected the best ways for you to de-stress yourself during the covid 19 outbreak-

1- – Being in isolation at home for too long can build a lot of anxiety in us. You don’t have to achieve big results or do great at these times but making a timetable & a structured routine for you & your family will ease the day.

2- – The disease is spreading widely and adopting a healthy lifestyle is the need of the hour. Eat healthily, get enough sleep, maintain personal hygiene, & do exercise regularly.

3- – Doing things that you enjoy is very important. So pick up that paintbrush or take those dance classes that you have been procrastinating for so long. It will help you stay calm & reduce anxiety.

4- – Go out on your terrace or garden to get some sunlight & fresh air. Do breathing exercise if you’re dealing with anxiety.

5- – By this, we mean too much news, overeating or consumption of harmful substance like alcohol & smoking. Have control over everything excessive as it can worsen the situation.

6- – Keep in contact with people you care for and love. Ask how they are doing & share your feelings too. Don’t be hesitant to call for help from a professional if you think you need it.

Covid-19 has affected all, even those safe from the virus yet. Know that it’s okay to not be okay sometimes. We cannot control all of our emotions though we can reduce the impact it has on us. Good physical & mental health is necessary for the complete well-being of a person. We hope you are kind to your mind & come out of whatever you’re currently struggling with as a stronger person. Like the saying, “This too shall pass”, reminding you that all things are temporary, both good & bad, and these difficult times will pass too.

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