Climate Change- Industry’s impact

Kiran Rawat

-Industry's Impact

With a boost in the industry sector, the utilization of resources has increased. The Earth temperature is rising at faster rates. And a rapid climate change has caused global warming with the prime reason being greenhouse gas emissions from the industries. There is a lot of wastage during the production process and after consumption as well.

 This wastage includes emission of hazardous gases like CO2 in the atmosphere, residual waste that has significant environmental harm and health problems too.


“Climate change is man made and we can be the change to save the climate.”

 –Nupur Agarwal

Evolve cares about the planet and came up with an approach to work sustainably and further beneficial for nature. All products including a plantable pencil, plantable notebooks, tags, pens and more delivered by Evolve are eco-friendly. That means they do not leave any waste after consumption or creation period. Instead, the plant that grows after using the product helps in carbon sequestration.

A plastic pen or a hang tag in a cloth is of no use later and becomes non-biodegradable waste causing harm to the environment. These things seem trivial but replacing them with an Evolve product is a small act that leads to a bigger resolution. 

Climate change being a grave concern is a part of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations. It is time to combat these changes, even if the actions begin with a small step.

Things every individual can do to stop climate change

Climate change is a serious issue which will affect the future generation the most. If the issues are not looked upon, the conditions will get worse. We will suffer because of global warming, loss of species, food and many other resources. We humans & our activities need some changes in order to fix the problems prevailing. 

  1. Sensible energy use– Small habits like saving electricity plays an important role. Keep fans, lights or any electrical appliances off when not in use. Switching to energy-efficient light bulbs, to an electric stove instead of a gas stove lowers indoor pollution. And when buying an appliance, look for energy star label.
  2. Renewable energy sources– It is collected from natural resources like wind, sunlight, rain, etc. These sources has the advantage of self-replenishing. For example- solar panels instead of fossil fuels is a great way.
  3. Reduce transportation emissions– Thousands of vehicles always moving produce an extreme amount of pollution and uses a lot of petrol as well, which is a non-renewable resource. Take public transport when you can, do car share & switch to an electric vehicle. It will reduce air pollution as well as save your money too.
  4. Eat right– Our eating habits affect the environment too. Do not waste food and buy organic from local like Kiwi KisanWindow in Dehradun. Choose meat-free food and grow your own at home.
  5. Consume & waste less– Enjoy the little things in life and the beauty of nature. The less you consume, the less waste or carbon footprint is produced. Some ways are- Composting, reusing, sharing & making on your own.
  6. Support or join movements– Get active and support or be a part of a movement working for the same cause. Together it’s easier to bring a change. Some movements in India you can look for are Indian Youth Climate Network, The Save movement, etc. Look in your community as well. You can even start your own movement.

There can many more ways through which we can save our planet. Learn more about the causes, and be a part of bring change through your small acts.

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