Independence day 2020 and what we can learn from this day

Kiran Rawat

Independence day 2020 and what we can learn from this day

. This day marks as the result of countless struggles and sacrifices by the freedom fighters and is a matter of pride for all the Indians.

What we can learn from Independence day-


The word Independence means a state of being free and self-standing. We didn’t achieve it in a day. It took years of resistance and sacrifices by the people who believed in a better tomorrow. The freedom fighters sacrificed their lives not only for the country and the countrymen but also for the coming generation so that we can live in a free country without being ruled by outsiders. Not all of these brave men got a chance to see India as a free nation but their selfless sacrifice would never be forgotten.

They also taught us the importance of fighting for our beliefs . Fight for what is right and never give up. It is the same for life. At times we work hard, but the results are not always on time. It might take a while but being persistent is the key. We learn the value that freedom holds in our life. 

The need for freedom in the present times

We live in a democratic country; but we need to ask ourselves, are we really free?

In current times, the concept of freedom is more personal. Yes we are no longer ruled by others but it’s necessary to keep our mind free of any self-made high expectations, doubts and anxiety. 

Our minds can do amazing things only if we have control over it. Actual freedom is when you dare to do what makes you happy against the odds. It is when you overcome your constant overthinking and worrying about everything as it holds you back from doing things that you should be doing. 

We should take inspiration from the great people and their efforts and resistance that got us our independence as a country. On a personal level we have to learn to fight our own battles and be our saviour. With a free state of mind, we will achieve freedom.


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