Support for local- Article published by Forbes India about KiWi’s working during the lockdown period

Kiran Rawat

How Kiwi takes part in fixing the food supply chain during lockdown

Coronavirus pandemic has not only affected the life of the  people who are tested positive for the disease but to the whole world. KiWi Kisan Window, an organic food store is one of the example as how social enterprises are doing their bit to fix the food supply chain & help the farmers of Uttarakhand state as well. Let’s be vocal for local & support such work.

Read the complete article by Forbes India published on 22 April, 20 about different enterprise’s contribution including KiWi during this situation.

Also, to have any information regarding Covid-19 in India, click on the link.

Now is the right time to be vocal for local & help the communities.

“Their [farmers’] biggest fear is who will buy their produce, since logistics is not easy at the moment.”

Nupur Agarwal, co-founder of KiWi

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