What quality do we need more to make the world a better place?

Kiran Rawat

What quality do we need more to make the world a better place?

What quality do we need more to make the world a better place?

The answer to the question, in short, is- ‘Kindness.’

Kindness refers to the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. It’s the ethical characteristics of any person.

When we are growing up as kids, families and schools teach us what is Kindness, why is it important and how to be kind to others. It feels like Kindness is an overrated virtue when it comes to us learning about it and underrated based on its application. It means that we all know about this quality and we all talk about it. What we lack in is applying this quality in actual.

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Things happening all around the world

Environmental degradation– Humans and their activities are responsible for all. Our environment is seriously going through so many problems like climate change, biodiversity loss and many more. Humans have nearly exhausted all the natural resources for their benefit, leaving the environment to suffer.

Mental health issues– It’s another common problem people are going through all over the world. Mental health is as important as physical health. Though in many places, it’s not even considered as an issue at all. Like in India as well, a person suffering from a mental health problem is not even aware of it and is often ignored.

Current pandemic COVID 19 disease is widespread, and the most affected are the poor people. Due to no money, they are dying because of hunger and lack of health care facilities. They are more scared of these factors than the disease itself, and it says a lot about their sufferings and the situation they are facing.

The issue going on in America is another big thing, i.e. the protests for #blacklivesmatter. People are fighting for equality and against racism. We all know, people of colour suffer from discrimination since earlier times. They have been ill-treated and not given equal rights. This major protest took place after a police officer allegedly killed a black man named George Floyd, who was unarmed at that moment. This same situation has happened earlier, but this time it made a lot of people furious from all the world demanding justice.

All these issues have one thing in common. It is a lack of quality, i.e. Kindness within people. If every person starts being kind to other people, animals and the environment, things will get better. And as the famous phrase says ‘Charity begins at home’, so before we are kind to others, we need to be kind to ourself first.

Kindness is a behaviour that doesn’t come alone. It teaches a lot of other things like Forgiveness. When you’re kind to yourself or others, you forgive easily. It is needed as sometimes one has to let go of a bad emotion or experience to grow and be better. And one can only let go of things once they forgive.

Another thing it teaches is to be Empathetic. It is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing. It is another quality that is important for the world to be a better place. When one has empathy towards others, they tend to avoid doing things that might cause harm or pain to them.

Evolve always keep a vision of a better society. Where all are together, equal and healthy. Through its various projects as well, it tries to bring the community together to create a sense of belonging, care and togetherness. Because it believes that when you learn to forgive, be kind & have empathy, you learn to Love. And love is an emotion that we all need. The world needs!

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